Saturday, May 2, 2009

Touch the sun: Or revelations twice

I had a suspicion this would be Manny's masterpiece, the type of performance to end all the speculation and reveal to the doubters that special grace that comes so rarely in life. But still, not this, not this way.

Some revelations are hidden even from the devout. As always I am humbled to see someone reach the limits. The palm at the end of the mind, beyond the last thought.

It happened, the ascension.


Anthony Wilson said...
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Anthony Wilson said...

Barley lasted two rounds, and was worth every penny. He almost killed the guy (that isn't why is was worth it, obviously - those two minutes Hatton was out were scary as hell). This is like watching Michael Jordan in his prime. Cocky and confident as Floyd is, he has to watch a performance like this and get a little shook. Manny Pacquiao has reached a point of dominance where stepping into the ring with him is nearly akin to risking your life. What happened tonight rivaled the performances of a young Mike Tyson.

I await further analysis from you in the next couple days.

The Backwards K said...

fantastic. well said.

long live pacquiao!

jim in austin said...

Two observations:

First, Hatton needs watching. He fought face-first and with zero defense his whole career. He is beginning to look like damaged goods. It's one thing to be KO'ed after being torn down over the course of a tough fight and quite another to go down cold early. And stay down. A long, long time.

Secondly, I'm really, really glad I didn't cough up fifty bucks to watch this.

David said...

All of a sudden Oscar de la Hoya don't look so bad! That was thrilling and brutal and definitive.